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Medicine forcell is an innovation from Iran’s medical innovative part, in middle east,Africa and around the globe.
We all together attempt to provide you with new medicines and medical care with best quality and lowest price.

In all over our region and all around the world, governments are scientifically progressing and cooperating with private sector to innovate and improve health and medical care.

Our goal is to share these ideas and make sure that we all can participate in making a healthy future.

In an ocean of choices we are here, in medicineforsell, to present expert services in the field of medical consultation and help patients and all people who want to receive medical services in iran.
Medicineforsell company presents best quality services to patients all over the world by taking advantage of past experiences and through owning professional and experienced staff in the fields of medical, pharmaceutical, digital marketing, informatic engineering and tourism.


Providing customers with free consultation.
Answering all your questions before your travel.
In, your treatment (cure), we pay special attention to any case independently.
We study about anything needed with scientific ways precisely.
We compare all existing replacements together.
We recommend best proper choices to you.
We are sure that your travel to iran is safe and comfortable.
We are along with you from the primitive preparations before entering, to the end of the treatment.

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tell: +98 939 505 3712

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Medicineforsell is an international company with more than 15 years of experience in selling and distributing medicines offering Iranian products and medicines to distributors, local wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies.

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Our team is committed to providing you with the best quality of health services in the shortest possible time and also provides the opportunity for Iranian pharmacists to take an effective step in promoting health by introducing their high quality and unique medicines.

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Our qualified sales team consists of medical and pharmaceutical specialists who are highly motivated to provide quick solutions to all your pharmaceutical needs in the short term.

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We consistently achieve high scores in customer satisfaction and offer the best prices at Medicineforsell. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Medicineforsell, in collaboration with companies, physicians and professionals through its various platforms, has created an integrated platform to improve the quality of life and personal health.

Medicineforsell seeks to provide licensed content from the most reputable medical bodies such as medical schools, hospitals, the Ministry of Health of Iran and the World Health Organization, and by translating part of their content into Arabic and making it available to users, it has always strived to raise awareness and promote personal health.


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