Darou pakhsh History


Darou Pakhsh Company was established under the title of the charity institution of Darou Pakhsh affiliated to Social Service Organization with the collaboration of the British Pharmaceutical Company called Allen & Hanburys. The company`s initial objective was providing medicinal needs for 5 hospitals and 255 clinics all over the country.


Five pharmacists were dispatched to England to get the essential trainings in production & control fields in Glaxo & A&H Company.


This group, along with the British experts, came to Iran in order to began to install the machinery, personel recruitment and training & eventually producing medicines.


Darou Pakhsh Company with an area of 191,650 square meters, was inaugurated officially. During the past years, Darou Pakhsh Company has been producing over 300 types of different medicines under the license of some reputed American & European companies such as Schering & MSD.


It turned to be directly supervised by The Ministry of Health & Medication.


The shares of the company were bought by The Social Security Organization.


The factory was detached from Darou Pakhsh Company under the title of The Darou Pakhsh Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company (private joint-stock company) and it kept on its activity.


It was admitted in The Tehran Stock Exchange.

Certificate & Standards

The most important glories of compan

Getting the certification of compliance with the cGMP standards and relevant principles and regulations for solids, held by Ministry of Health&Medical Education (2011). • Getting rank 191 in ” top 300 Iranian companies” ranking (2009) • Earning the highest profit among the Daroupakhsh holding members • Getting the highest restricted capital among all of national pharmaceutical factories • Fundamental rebuilding the solid manufacturing department. • Certified as the accredited laboratory by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, for a 2years period. • Winning the national food and drug award for solid dosage forms.(2011) • Getting the Iso 14001-2004 certification.(2011)

Darou pakhsh Team

-Dr MohammadReza Forghani VP of Production Engineering

-Dr Soheil Soheili VP of Production

-Human Capital VP of Human Capital

-ICT ICT Manager

-Mahmoud Allahyari VP of Financial

-Quality VP of Quality

-Ramin Ghassemi VP of Commercial




Daroupakhsh pharmaceutical mfg is the senior and the largest company in the country and the Middle East. For the sake of health in our country, region and world we will act as the most pioneer, creative and agile organization in manufacturing by application of new technologies.



In order to fulfill the society’s demands for drugs needed for healing and preventing of diseases, Daroupakhsh pharmaceutical mfg Co. thrives for its central focus including: production of varied high quality pharmaceutical dosage forms and contract manufacturing. Our services consist of support our customers by upgrading their information about our products, giving laboratory and training services to other companies. We act responsibly when we help protect our environment, work safely and consider the HR development via continuous learning.