Tolid daru

Tolid daru Company was established in 1335 and has started its activities in the field of manufacturing pharmaceutical and health products. Prior to the victory of the Revolution, this company with the TD brand was one of the leading pharmaceutical factories in the country, and after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, it has always been among the leading factories for the production and supply of medicine. In 2005, according to the policies of Alborz Investment Group and the formation of specialized holdings, the production company was divided into two
sections: cosmetic, health and pharmaceutical, and from that year the pharmaceutical sector continued to operate as a pharmaceutical pharmaceutical company (private joint stock company).

Tolid Daru Pharmaceutical Company (Private Joint Stock Company) was established in 2005 and registered on 8/4/1384 under No. 249619 in the Companies and Industrial Property Registration Office. In this company, more than 106 different drugs in various pharmaceutical forms such as pills, capsules , Suppositories, syrups, suspensions, gels, ointments, ampoules, drops and disinfectant solutions have a manufacturing license from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education (/ Food and Drug Administration), are produced and supplied. These drugs cover a wide range of treatment groups such as cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, respiratory, skin, neurological, analgesic and antipyretic, systemic and topical antimicrobials, surface disinfectants and oral supplements. Also products such as A variety of parabens, diclofenac phosphates, methanol, poidon iodine, etc., which are the raw materials used in the pharmaceutical and laboratory industries, are also made in this company.