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Before starting any treatment in case of any medical problems, we remind you of the importance of getting advice from doctors and medical specialists, because the information on the website is all educational information and is not a substitute for consulting a doctor and specialized advice.

Medicineforsell Responsibilities

. Monitoring the performance of pharmaceutical companies

One of our responsibilities is to monitor medicine manufacturers. Both before and after the medicine is available in the market.

We also monitor medicine distribution companies.

One of the items we look at is whether the quality of the materials used to make the medicine meets the standards. In this process, we consult with a large number of qualified pharmacists and the Ministry of Health of Iran.

The medicines offered at Medicineforsell due to the extensive connections of our team with a large number of pharmacists, Internist, Obstetricians, Nutritionist, Ophthalmologists and other specialties are selected in such a way that they have great advantages such as quality, price and effectiveness compared to other competitors.

Useful Tips

. Useful advice

There are a number of conditions to be aware of when shopping online, especially when it comes to medication.

We have put together a number of tips that make online shopping a little easier to understand.

Choose your online seller carefully

Many shops sell medicines on the Internet. Finding a reliable online wholesaler is important, but not necessarily easy. Here are some questions you can ask yourself when evaluating an online seller:

. Is it clear who is responsible for the website and the information, products and services provided?

. Has the website been updated recently?

In addition, there are some factors that should make you suspicious:

. When you are given many promises of health and recovery, which may not be true.

. When there are long lists of different diseases that a medicine can cure.

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